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Your soulmate

How to find your real partner
and unique knowledge
about the soul

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    After the webinar you will:
    Acquire the sacred knowledge about yourself

    Learn how to nurture self-love with loving intention and how to find your soulmate

    Discover your own source of energy

    Harmonize your unique energy with your partner's energy

    Find your real predestination

    Free yourself from the past and create a powerful and romantic future

    Open a New Era of Happiness for yourself and your family

    Learn to hold higher vibrations to increase your love for yourself and your soulmate


    The Enlightened Madonna invites you to a free webinar. Let’s talk about the wonderful meeting with your soulmate. Trust Madonna and she will lead you into a world full of ancestral magic and the power of spirits that will help you on your life path!

    You need to watch this
    webinar if you want to:

    Gain unique knowledge about your soul

    Feel your soulmate and learn how to meet him/her

    Fill yourself up with the energy of femininity and beauty

    Understand your partner better and gain more understanding from them

    Find the love of your life

    Acquire onome, which gives a woman a sense of rapture and happiness

    Join us and become Woman of power as you are meant to be by nature. Get unique subscription bonuses!

      Sign up now and receive a special present: "Mantra of Feminine Power" in 3 minutes Mantra
      • Enlightened woman and temple priestess
      • Her Spiritual Master is Sri Aurobindo
      • Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth, and healing abilities
      • Additionally, she is a leader of charity movements all over the world. Every day she helps women all around the world with advice and deeds in order to become empowered, healthy, and happy
      • Madonna is the enlightened woman who came from the star Sirius to Earth with a great mission. And enlightened Masters call Madonna “The Mother of the Earth” because by her spiritual actions, prayers, meditations, and magic rituals she strives to prevent the end of life on Earth
      • As charity leader and The Creator of the International Temple school, she leads the circles of Feminine Power, seminars and practices of love, and mutual help all over the world. She does everything that is needed to help humanity to avoid the planetary catastrophe and to reach prosperity
      Tracey Tracey, 32
      This is not my first retreat. It’s been a while, I have a young one at home, and busy business, and work. So, I haven’t been on a retreat like this for about 2 years. And I really really needed it. Because I was feeling depleted, I was feeling kind of grumpy. And my energy was really low. I just knew I needed it. I needed a fill. And I feel so much better now. I’ve had some awesome realizations since I‘ve been here. They came at a really deep level where I know I am going to have a change. I feel really sure of it. I feel that my practices are going to be a lot stronger, my dedication to my development, to myself, to my family, to the work I do. I just feel that everything is going to b so much more positive, with higher energy, easier and more successful. So, I am leaving here with that positive nest inside of me. And it feels so certain. And it feels really really good especially now in this time of huge uncertainty in the world with coronavirus, to feel some certainty. Within myself I feel a good balance. I am just super grateful that I was able to come here and I wanted to share this with other people. There is yoga, there is dancing, there are rituals, there are lots of positive people here. And every part of the experience is huge. The totality of it. And I feel so full. But not too full. It’s just perfect.
      Haley HALEY, 39
      Want to share some amazing experiences I’ve had since meeting Madonna. I was able to bring my daughter to 2 retreats. And during that time it was the most amazing time in my life. Experiencing my inner essence, experiencing divinity, experiencing truth, experiencing power, experiencing energy – anything I have always searched for I found the answers to. And I have finally found what I was looking for. And my skin glows when I do the practices. My energy changes. I am full of positivity and powerful energy, calmfullness. And it is so amazing to have this tool, especially now in these uncertain times because of the COVID, to be useful to help our families, to help ourselves, to have power in lives, to help our cities, because we have this energy that God gives us to protect our cities, our planet, to save it. And I am so thankful for these things. It is such a gift. Please, come and experience Madonna for yourself. The fall solstice is coming and it is another divine opportunity to come and experience Madonna
      Mascha MASCHA, 37
      I am on this wonderful retreat with Madonna and her lovely angels. It is my first shamanic retreat. I’ve never experienced anything like this before although I’ve been practicing different mentalities for a while now, I would say. Maybe in Russian especially, I’ve always felt that I needed to go back to my roots. And a strong feeling was always in me asking for a teacher or some sort of guidance, or not even a guidance but confirmation to all my thoughts and different emotions. When I chose power, and it was while ago, and I asked the Universe to send me when I am ready, and what am I supposed to do, what choice can I make right now that everything that I want can come to me for me to enjoy. And everything just started to changing. My life took a totally different course, and things I thought were bad brought me exactly where I am supposed to be. If you are in doubt, I would really really suggest you to come here and try. Try the magic. Try your power, your female power that you lost, you forgot or somebody just took it away from you when you were a kid. Feel it from the depth of your heart. If you can come here, see what we feel, our lovely not an army of women. Namaste. Peace to you and love, to your entire lineage and all your loved ones. Love you. Thank you so much.

      "It was such a wonderful experience. I was struggling with anxiety. I feel stress relief now, I am calm and my worries and emotions are slowly disappearing. All the practices and meditations we did really helped!"


      "I know myself, I know my human being who can hesitate and be afraid of things. Also, I feel my soul who saves wisdom, love and the knowledge of my predestination in this life. Ancient practices on Madonna's retreats help women to remind who they are, heal soul wounds, change life for better and create healthy and happy relationships with other people and the world."


      "I have my own business, I work a lot and have lack of time to rest, relax and get inspiration. So I noticed that my energy was very low, I suffered from emotional misbalance, I was grumpy and irritable. I felt I needed something that will restore my energy and recharge my mind."

      This knowledge is necessary for every modern woman

      We are not taught to understand female nature and its true power in school or in college. Our parents also forgot about this knowledge. That is why in this webinar I will give you the ancient, sacred knowledge about the power of women, and tell you how and why you need to use this power.

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        Sign up now and receive a special present: "Mantra of Feminine Power" in 3 minutes Mantra